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Beqa Lagoon Resort

Lemon Sharks  

Lemon Shark

A brown-yellow coloration provides the Lemon shark a perfect camouflage over sandy coastal habitats, where they are normally found.  The Lemon shark inhabits tropical and sub-tropical environments of the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific oceans. Belonging to the largest order of sharks, the Ground-Sharks (Carcharhiniformes), and a member of the Requiem-Sharks (Carcharhinidae) family, the Lemon Shark
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Gorgonia Beqa Lagoon

The Gorgonian is a modular organism, a colony comprised of a myriad of tiny individual cloned polyps. They can grow to a few meters high and wide, though just a few centimetres thick. There are many brightly coloured Gorgonians, occasionally in shades of red, purple and yellow. The Gorgonian, known as the sea fan and
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Coral Guard Crabs  

Trapezia tigrina

The guard carbs – Trapezia – are a group of dwellers living among the branches of hard corals. The crabs form heterosexual pairs and are territorial to their coral, tolerating other crabs only from other species on the same coral colony. It is possible to observe up to five different pairs of Trapezia species on
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Introducing Sefano, our marine biologist  

Sefano M. Katz

We would like to introduce our new employee and Marine Biologist Sefano M. Katz and give you a brief summary of what he is doing at Beqa Lagoon Resort. Sefano grew up in Israel along the Mediterranean coast and the Gulf of Eilat. He obtained a B.Sc of marine – and environmental sciences from the
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Typhoon Winston – Update  


We would like to thank all of you for your concern about our safety, all your emails and calls after Typhoon Winston. We were very lucky – nothing happened to any of us or our neighbors in Beqa villages. Neither buildings nor boats or other equipment were damaged. We are up and running and 100%
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February 29, 2016

Diving “Cathedral”  


Diving at Cathedral We have named the site Cathedral, deriving from the greek word kathedra (καθέδρα), meaning seat, bench, base. Beqa Lagoon’s base for shark diving 🙂 The dive is currently available Monday/Wednesday/Friday plus special requests. The two tank dive starts 8:00 AM and ends shortly before lunch at a cost of F$295.00. The use
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Cathedral Conservation & Education  

Erich Ritter PhD

Education & Conservation As we feel that more is better, we have extended our team by one of the most iconic figures in the shark world, Erich Ritter PhD, who is kind enough to supervise our shark conservation efforts and conduct Shark School Fiji, a yearly event, for the first time June 4 – 11,
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Cathedral a Different Approach  


ECO Tourism To share the possible success of our shark dive we have invited the three villages who are allowed to fish in the area to discuss a possible protection of the site. As of now the area is protected as “Beqa Lagoon Resort Protected Area” and fishing at the site is prohibited. In order
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February 6, 2016

Developing “The Cathedral”  

Tiger Shark Beqa Lagoon Resort

“Tiger Shark Cathedral” There are only a couple of places on this planet where you can dive with the “Sea Tiger” eye to eye, close up and personal – one of these sites is Cathedral, Beqa Lagoon Resort’s own Tiger Shark dive. Cathedral is a once in a lifetime experience – multiple shark species in
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January 28, 2016

Shark School Fiji  


Erich K Ritter, PhD Behavioral scientist Research Associate, University of West Florida Head, SharkSchool Chairman, Shark Accident Victim Network Investigator, Global Shark Attack File, Shark Research Institute Book Author & public speaker Qualifications 30 years of field research and applied teaching Specialized in shark‐human interaction with special emphasis on accident analysis and reconstruction World’s first
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