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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Developing “The Cathedral”  

Tiger Shark Beqa Lagoon Resort

“Tiger Shark Cathedral” There are only a couple of places on this planet where you can dive with the “Sea Tiger” eye to eye, close up and personal – one of these sites is Cathedral, Beqa Lagoon Resort’s own Tiger Shark dive. Cathedral is a once in a lifetime experience – multiple shark species in
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January 28, 2016

Shark School Fiji  


Erich K Ritter, PhD Behavioral scientist Research Associate, University of West Florida Head, SharkSchool Chairman, Shark Accident Victim Network Investigator, Global Shark Attack File, Shark Research Institute Book Author & public speaker Qualifications 30 years of field research and applied teaching Specialized in shark‐human interaction with special emphasis on accident analysis and reconstruction World’s first
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Six Tiger Sharks  

Tiger Shark feeding

Our dive shop manager Joe and I decided to visit Cathedral on Friday (November 20, 2015). 8:00 am sharp we sat on the boat and after a short ride and an equipment check we jumped in the water – which is now fortunately way warmer after this crazy “El Nino” winter is over – and
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Brad’s great video  


From October 17-24, 2015 we had the joy of having Brad Tobler and his father with us. Two very nice guys – and they did a great video which they were kind enough to share with us. I watched it and I really liked it – it shows Beqa Lagoon Resort in such a nice,
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Nathalie’s Blog  


We have this great little story for you – written by an exceptional person – Natalie Banks, “Shark Mumma” founder of No Shark Cull Inc., who is working for shark and environment protection in Australia – she’s visited Beqa Lagoon Resort recently and we have asked her to say a few words – we hope you’ll
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The Camera Man  


It is my utmost pleasure to start our new blog site with the portrait of a good friend of Beqa Lagoon Resort, a very special person – I am speaking of cinematographer, dive pioneer and business man Chuck Nicklin. In 1959 Chuck and several local diving enthusiasts and diving scientists from the Scripps Institute of
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January 6, 2016