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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Lemon Sharks  

Lemon Shark

A brown-yellow coloration provides the Lemon shark a perfect camouflage over sandy coastal habitats, where they are normally found.  The Lemon shark inhabits tropical and sub-tropical environments of the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific oceans. Belonging to the largest order of sharks, the Ground-Sharks (Carcharhiniformes), and a member of the Requiem-Sharks (Carcharhinidae) family, the Lemon Shark
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Gorgonia Beqa Lagoon

The Gorgonian is a modular organism, a colony comprised of a myriad of tiny individual cloned polyps. They can grow to a few meters high and wide, though just a few centimetres thick. There are many brightly coloured Gorgonians, occasionally in shades of red, purple and yellow. The Gorgonian, known as the sea fan and
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Coral Guard Crabs  

Trapezia tigrina

The guard carbs – Trapezia – are a group of dwellers living among the branches of hard corals. The crabs form heterosexual pairs and are territorial to their coral, tolerating other crabs only from other species on the same coral colony. It is possible to observe up to five different pairs of Trapezia species on
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