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Shark School Fiji  


Erich K Ritter, PhD Behavioral scientist Research Associate, University of West Florida Head, SharkSchool Chairman, Shark Accident Victim Network Investigator, Global Shark Attack File, Shark Research Institute Book Author & public speaker Qualifications 30 years of field research and applied teaching Specialized in shark‐human interaction with special emphasis on accident analysis and reconstruction World’s first
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Brad’s great video  


From October 17-24, 2015 we had the joy of having Brad Tobler and his father with us. Two very nice guys – and they did a great video which they were kind enough to share with us. I watched it and I really liked it – it shows Beqa Lagoon Resort in such a nice,
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Nathalie’s Blog  


We have this great little story for you – written by an exceptional person – Natalie Banks, “Shark Mumma” founder of No Shark Cull Inc., who is working for shark and environment protection in Australia – she’s visited Beqa Lagoon Resort recently and we have asked her to say a few words – we hope you’ll
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Our House Photographer  

Bruce Rasner

Are you already one of our Facebook fans? If so you might have asked yourself who has been shooting all these nice pictures we are displaying. He is a friend of Beqa Lagoon Resort and has been here many, many times as he loves island, people and resort. His last visit ended today – he
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“Screens for Schools” – Give Second Life to your Electronics  

kids_in_schol (1)

Beqa Lagoon Resort is proud to have a lasting, strong bond with the communities of both Rakua and Raviravi villages located on either side of the resort. Our guests visit these villages during their stay with us to learn more about the history, culture and the way of life in Fiji and specifically on Beqa
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Beqa Lagoon in Fiji Times  

Beqa Bull Shark

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to be joined by Fiji Times reported Ernest Heatley.  Mr. Heatley was spending some time on Beqa Island to learn more about the rich culture that is found on this special island.  Each week he is writing a piece about different aspects of Beqa Island and
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Bat watching any one?  

We have a lovely family from South America going on a Bat watching excursion this afternoon. Beqa Island has a large fruit bat population which is seen mostly at night time. Our guest are going on a small boat ride and will see the fruit bats in the resting location. I am looking forward to
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