Brad’s great video


From October 17-24, 2015 we had the joy of having Brad Tobler and his father with us. Two very nice guys – and they did a great video which they were kind enough to share with us.

I watched it and I really liked it – it shows Beqa Lagoon Resort in such a nice, natural way – and I love their shark footage!

Thank you very much Brad for your kind words – we appreciate it 🙂 “……I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for helping us set up the most amazing trip! My dad and I had a blast, there are really no words to describe. Our accommodations were amazing, transportation was effortless, the weather was beautiful, and the diving was incredible…….”

Youtube: Oct 17-24, 2015 scuba diving trip to Fiji. My dad and I stayed at Beqa Lagoon Resort! We did a shark dive where we were able to dive with huge tiger sharks, one of them became quite interested in us. This trip was so epic, just check out the video.

January 6, 2016