Cathedral a Different Approach

ECO Tourism

To share the possible success of our shark dive we have invited the three villages who are allowed to fish in the area to discuss a possible protection of the site.

As of now the area is protected as “Beqa Lagoon Resort Protected Area” and fishing at the site is prohibited.

In order to provide for the concerned villages for the loss of income though non-fishing, Beqa Lagoon Resort pays a set amount to the villages for each diver participating in our shark dive.

Lemon Shark

Feeding Considerations

Feeding wild animals is a very controversial topic.

Do we alter the sharks’ behavior? Should we feed at all? –  Valid questions …..

And we feel the right answer is “Yes, we should, to make people more aware of sharks” …..

Our experience and daily interaction with divers shows that feeding is the right thing to do – we attract sharks with food to visit our site and stay in order to see them close up, this proximity makes it possible for every diver to study their behavior their every movement – we provide first hand education to shark behavior, the base to demystification of sharks. Our divers experience first hand how considerate and careful sharks are – far from being senseless killing machines.

Experiencing makes understanding – every diver we take to the site takes an experience home that will make him to a shark ambassador an urgently needed protector of these wonderful animals.

As a side effect we have learned that feeding sharks in one and the same place attracts lots of other species of fish, which benefits reef and coral growth – quite a nice thing to know either.

Tiger Shark

When it comes to feeding sharks we make a difference to the other dive shops – we do NOT feed the sharks by hand and we keep the amount of food to a minimum.

What you see with us is as we think the most “natural” way of attracting sharks to the site – we simulate carcass feeding – a natural occurrence.

Sharks are “cleaning” reefs and sea from dead fish and mammals – feeding on carcasses is a natural shark behavior.

Diving Cathedral, means “soft” shark feeding – no direct human-shark interaction, no circus tricks, conditioning of certain individuals, etc. – just watching our majestic sharks close up and taking fantastic memories home.


February 6, 2016