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Lemon Sharks  

Lemon Shark

A brown-yellow coloration provides the Lemon shark a perfect camouflage over sandy coastal habitats, where they are normally found.  The Lemon shark inhabits tropical and sub-tropical environments of the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific oceans. Belonging to the largest order of sharks, the Ground-Sharks (Carcharhiniformes), and a member of the Requiem-Sharks (Carcharhinidae) family, the Lemon Shark
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Introducing Sefano, our marine biologist  

Sefano M. Katz

We would like to introduce our new employee and Marine Biologist Sefano M. Katz and give you a brief summary of what he is doing at Beqa Lagoon Resort. Sefano grew up in Israel along the Mediterranean coast and the Gulf of Eilat. He obtained a B.Sc of marine – and environmental sciences from the
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