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Each one of the 300 or so Fiji Islands are considered to be the most fantastic and perfect masterpiece that was ever seen by the human eye. The heavenly beauty of these islands will tantalize your mind. Close your eyes and imagine calm blue lagoons, soft white beaches, tropical fish covered reefs, spectacular cuisine and warm Fijian hospitality. Isn’t this the exact image your mind, body and soul have been craving for so long? Fortunately, heaven on Earth does exist and it is called Fiji.

From the moment you arrive, you will know you’ve found the perfect place to relax and to fall into the state of nirvana. Every minute of your stay on a Fiji island will leave you with a collection of memories you can treasure forever.


It is quite a difficult task to find the words worthy of describing the intact nature of Fiji to the fullest. The unique flora and fauna (and really, some species are endemic and can be found only on Fiji islands), the richest and most unimaginably diverse underwater world, the air so clear you can do nothing but revel in it, humid tropical forests and dry savannas, - the evergreen paradise can guarantee satisfaction to the most whimsy tourists. The splendor of more than 300 Fiji islands will take the first pages in your album of mental pictures.


Lovo, kava, meke, sevusevu, tabua – unusual and unknown? Not for the inhabitants of Fiji. The colorful culture of these people is staggering. If you are tired of looking at identical rows filled with knickknacks and boring souvenirs at resorts, you are in the right place! Leave paradise with your own hand-carved, mother of pearl inlaid bowl or a traditional Fijian war club? That’s a pretty extraordinary gift which will not let you forget the Fiji island culture.

The most spectacular and popular form of entertainment in Fiji is Meke. The friendly and communicative Fijians will welcome you with their traditional dance – the spear saltation will not leave you cold. Among the other important traditions a `sevusevu’ holds a specific place. This ritual ceremony is performed to introduce guests to the existing community and will be followed by drinking yaqona (kava). This trial will become one of the most emotional and memorable events in your travelling experience ever.


Fiji can surprise the most spoilt of taste buds. Thanks to the rich nature of the islands, both meat and fish eaters, as well as vegetarians, will be more than pleased when they try the national cuisine. Special attention must be given to the Lovo – a traditional feast during which the meal is cooked in the earth, underneath palm leaves. It is not common and is really worth trying! The incredible diversity of dishes fitting for any occasion, are yours for the tasting.

Come to Suva

Suva is waiting for you with eager anticipation. We can arrange a day trip to the nearby capital of Fiji, Suva, located on the main island of Viti Levu. A cultural center and shopping experience, you can spend the day exploring the open-air markets and local shopping, as well as learning the history of Fiji.

Bored in Fiji? No way! / Top things to do in Fiji

It is impossible to get bored on the islands of Fiji. If you are fond of diving this is the best place for it. Dives are carried out on the most amazing reefs, where you can explore little tunnels and potholes covered with healthy hard, or colorful soft corals. The sights you will see are indescribable and can’t be compared with any other resort diving services.

If you are a more active person and adore speed and adrenaline, surfing and sailboarding are exactly the activities you need. The velvet waves of Fiji will make this adventure unforgettable and assure you are in the place you belong, the choice is made wisely.

For those who prefer a calmer excursion, why not enjoy a wonderful boat cruise around the isles of the archipelago, explore hidden waterfalls, or even take a day on your own private beach, snorkeling after you have enjoyed your delicious picnic lunch. So, the only problem that may appear is ‘Do you have enough time to do all the things you dreamt of so many times?

Can you find Fiji on the map? See how small and hidden the isles are. It is for this reason that the virgin nature of these islands has remained pristine and untouched, waiting for you to come and experience it, leaving you with memories of an unforgettable vacation.

So come, or Lako mai, to Fiji, the paradise on Earth.