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NI SA BULA! Welcome to your true Fijian cultural experience.

The most striking feature of Beqa Lagoon Resort is its tradition and seclusion. Only 36 square kilometres, Beqa Island has no roads, no towns and only a few isolated villages scattered around the coastline.

Sitting protected in a small bay, Beqa Lagoon Resort is located between the villages of Raviravi and Rukua. Connected to us by shady pathways you are welcome to join our local guide on a visit into the villages where you will observe daily life in Fiji, something which still follows cultural traditions hundreds of years old. During your visit you may be invited into the home of the village Chief, if he is around, where you will learn more about the history of his community.

A proud extension of our neighbouring villages, Beqa Lagoon Resort employs over 75 local staff, who in turn support over 250 family members and friends. We are also proud to be part of developing the community by hosting international doctors, dentists and school teachers. By being a guest at Beqa Lagoon Resort you become a part of our community too. Join us for our weekly activities where we will guide you to the villages where you can purchase local hand made crafts, visit the local school and meet the children who are always happy to share songs and stories, and be a part of traditional ceremonies such as a sevusevu, the drinking of kava as a gift and show of respect.

Hear the tale of how Beqa Island became home of the Legendary Firewalkers, listen as the story of the spirit god blessed a Chief and then witness the truth of the story. Watch village warriors, in traditional dress, unearth stones that have been surrounded by fire. Then see as they chant and walk across these stones in a ceremony they have been practicing for over 300 years.

In the evenings, sit back and enjoy as the children of Raviravi delight you with their Meke, telling stories of old about Gods, warriors and village life, through beautiful songs and enchanting dances. After, make yourself comfortable on the ibe, floor mats handmade from pandanus leaves as you clap along during a famous sevusevu ceremony as a bilo, or coconut cup, of kava is presented to you to drink.

A short walk from Beqa Lagoon Resort the land slopes gently upward into a tropical forest, where as the trees start to open up you will come across a fresh water stream descending from a waterfall. Here the jungle vegetation occasionally gives way to patches of sweet potatoes, pineapples and taro root, but all in all, the land remains pristine. Tropical flowers bloom everywhere, and the tables at the resort are always filled with fresh cuttings. Meet the farmers along the way and extend a friendly Bula.

You arrive as a guest. But once you see our villages, talk to our children, clap along with our songs, and drink from our bilo—all while enjoying our stunningly beautiful island—you leave as family.

The one provided by nature, as in the display of the most incredible colors and vibe when the sun falls into the Pacific Ocean to the entertainment program provided by down to earth humans whose inner clocks still tick to ancient times ....

  • MEKE ~ Young and not so young villagers come to our resort to perform the traditional war dance, wielding war clubs and all! This is not your typical tourist performance, but a performance that comes from the heart of the villagers. The performance is not perfected to the last step but the rythm and sincerety will touch your heart and soul.
  • KAVA CEREMONY ~ One of the guests will be designated as chief and you will participate in a traditional Kava ceremony. Kava is the national drink and you will learn its historical use, how its made and have the adventure of tasting it in a traditional setting. BULA!
  • FIRE WALKING ~ Beqa - Home of the Legendary Firewalkers. You won’t believe your eyes during the sacred fire walking ceremony as village warriors in traditional dress chant and walk across scalding stones, as they have done for over 300 years. This mysterious ritual originated on Beqa Island and was even the subject of a National Geographic documentary filmed at the resort.
  • COCONUT AND WEAVING SHOW ~ Allow yourself to be surprised about all the things you did NOT know about coconuts!
  • COOKING SHOW ~ Watch guide Aki prepare the traditional dish "Kokoda" for you and be amazed at the taste. Give him a hand and try to make milk from a coconut. You will remember the experience each time you open a can of coconut milk - we promise!
  • CHOIR ~ Sunday is the day of church. Dressed in their finest outfits, our neighbors come and perform for you.
  • FIJIAN LIVE BAND ~ Hang out at the Bula Bar listening to our live band singing traditional songs over a "Famous Firewalker" concocted from local rums and juices. Fijians have the sweetest voices on earth and hearing them sing will reassure you are in paradise.

Come and join us as the flames start to disappear and the warriors of Dakuibeqa village uncover the stones that have been buried in roaring fire for hours. Be told the story of the spirit god that, in exchange for his life, blessed the Chief of Dakuibeqa and all generations after him with the ability to walk on fire. Listen as the warriors chant to the fire and then witness as they walk over and even pause on top of these white-hot stones. These are the famous Beqa Island Firewalkers. Watch in awe as they perform this traditional ceremony unique only to Beqa Island, and forbidden to be performed by anyone who it not a descendant of Chief Tui Naiviqalita.