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Here is an approximate day and what you might expect:

  • Our team will come by your bure and collect your equipment and label it for you after your arrival.
  • For our daily morning dive, you will meet at the beach after breakfast at 7.45am to be taken off shore to the dive vessel. Your tanks and equipment will already have been set-up for you ready to go by our dive team. You just show up in your suit and other items you like to hand carry. After about 30 to 45 minutes you will arrive at the dive site where the dive master will give you a detailed briefing on the location, conditions and dive plan. You will have a 60 minute rest interval between tanks during which the boat will move to another nearby dive site. Before your second tank dive you will receive another detailed briefing. This dive will be shallower than your first one.
  • You will return to the resort at about 12.30 just in time for your lunch at about 1pm.
  • We handle all your gear for you – no carries, no lugging equipment. Just bring yourself. We are ready to spoil you!
  • Shark Dives follow the same time frame and planning.
  • Night dives follow the same basic procedure, departing just before sunset. Your dinner time will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Afternoon dives can be arranged if we have more than 4 to 6 guests requesting one.

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