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Dive Team

Growing up on Beqa Island has given the dive team of Beqa Lagoon Resort an immense level of knowledge and understanding of the waters of the lagoon and all the treasures that they hold. Just a look out to the water in the morning and the boat captains know exactly which dive sites are going to provide our dive guests with the best possible conditions each day. Then once in the water, the lively Beqa Lagoon PADI Divemasters will excite divers and photographers of all levels with the amazing marine life they find along every step of the dive.


Mr Kelevi Biu Yavala is one of the nicest, biggest smiles you will ever see. Always giggling, Dix just loves diving, having been doing it now for over 14 years with Beqa Lagoon Resort. While he loves the small stuff, he says he is finding more enjoyment from the big things, in particular the sharks. He is always the last one up from a feeding dive as he is usually looking for bull shark teeth.

Joe Green

Hailing from Rukua village, next to Beqa Lagoon Resort, ‘Mean’ Joe Green is not as young as he appears, having already notched 14 years as a PADI Divemaster at Beqa Lagoon Resort. He may be quite when you first meet him, but he loves becoming friends with our dive guests, and like many of the other dive guides, he loves to watch the sharks at The Bistro.


Netava Labalaba comes from a family full of PADI Divemasters, and never seems to be out of the water. Always the first one to put his hand up to jump on the boat, Net always looks for the amazing macro life around our reefs. Caesar’s Rock is what he thinks his favourite dive site is because of the swim thoughs, even though he says it is hard to choose just one.


Another one of our long serving PADI Divemasters, Missi has been diving in and out of the water as a professional diver for over 14 years at Beqa Lagoon Resort. Coming from the village of Dakuibeqa it is also not uncommon to see Missi taking part in the famous Fiji firewalking ceremony. His favourite dive site is quite aptly named ‘My Favourite’ and is out towards Frigates Passage. He says when the currents run perfect the dive site just explodes with life.


A very experienced PADI Divemaster, Tusi has been working at Beqa Lagoon Resort since 2006, and in that time has helped to find many of the amazing critters that guests want to see for the first time. His favourite dive site is Golden Arches because of everything it has to offer, colours, soft corals, passages, gorgonian fans and swim throughs. That’s not to mention all the fish! With his love for sharing his underwater world experiences it is possible that Tusi will start working towards becoming an instructor.


This wonderful PADI Rescue diver is always ready to take our guests diving, and sing along the way. Our resident musical maestro, Sunia has been working at Beqa Lagoon Resort for over 7 years and still says that his favourite dive site will always be Fantasea because of all the blooming soft corals, and the nudibranchs that hide beneath.


One of the new guys to the team, Tumasi, also known as Ratu Masi Saqanavere, is currently working on completing his PADI Divemaster course. Married with three gorgeous children, Masi says his favourite dive site in Beqa Lagoon is Nemo’s because while it is close to shore it just has so much going on.


The ‘young gun’ of the crew, Jango started his career at Beqa Lagoon Resort as boat crew, but has since worked his way through diving certifications and has just started his PADI Divemaster certification. Diving at every opportunity, Jango still says that is it impossible for him to choose just one site that he loves and every one has something different to show.


The freshest of our fresh faces, Aporosa Ratumaiyale, joined the dive team of Beqa Lagoon Resort just six months ago. Currently he is a PADI Rescue diver and hopes to start work towards his PADI Divemaster certification so that he can spend more time underwater at his favourite site, The Bistro. It’s easy to see why this is his favourite as various sharks cruise around you from the moment you enter the water.


Our other Joe, Josaia can’t actually remember how long he has worked for Beqa Lagoon Resort. A little bit on the shy side, once Joe opens up he says he loved getting to know our dive guests, asking them all about where they are from, as he would love to visit other countries such as Australia and the United States in the future.


Also known as ‘Papa’ among the dive crew, Laisa is the strong silent type. That is until a joke is cracked and then he is all laughter and noise. As part of the boat crew for Beqa Lagoon Resort, Laisa is also working on developing his diving career, jumping into the water to shadow our more experienced PADI Divemasters whenever he can. One day, we’re sure, he will be the one being shadowed.


Mr. Tuks is an enigma. Always around to help guests in the dive shop and on the boat it doesn’t seem like he ever goes home. Tuks says one of his favourite things about working as a diver at Beqa Lagoon Resort, is every week he gets to meet new people and hear their stories. Fiji culture is strong with story telling and I am sure that he goes home and tells his daughter of far off countries, encouraging her to travel and see beautiful places.


Koli started working for Beqa Lagoon Resort when he was still a teenager, now 7 years later he is still enjoying everyday. Saying it was a tough decision to choose just one favourite dive site he managed to get it down to two; My Favorite because it is simply beautiful, and The Bistro, because he loves swimming next to big sharks (and not getting bitten). Koli lives in Rukua village, just along the coast from Beqa Lagoon Resort, and ladies he is still single.


Captain Meli Ganilau, or Gee as we all know him is always ready to give as much as he can to help any one of our guests, whether they are divers or not. Gee, like most of the crew, has been working at Beqa Lagoon Resort for many years now and while he is a certified PADI Rescue diver, he doesn’t get into the water as much as he would like anymore. With a giggle he will tell you his favourite dive site is Gee’s Rock. I wonder why?


Setareki Ame Tamanivalu, as he is officially known, is quite probably one of the longest serving members of the Beqa Lagoon Resort dive team. Having been working here for almost 18 years, there is no doubt that Seta knows everything about sailing the waters of Beqa Lagoon. Not only is he one of our best captains, but he is also a PADI Rescue diver, and always ready to jump in for a dive at his favourite site, Soft Coral Plateau. He says that the best thing about diving is that the reefs are never the same from day to day, and in his job he gets to meet people from all over the world.


Captain Manoa, or Ratu Manoa Qerea, is always the loudest giggle you hear when a joke is being told. With a cheeky smile it is hard to believe he is old enough to have been working at Beqa Lagoon Resort for almost 16 years. Having not only built up his career as a captain, Manoa is a PADI Divemaster and happy to take care of guests and show them beautiful creatures at his favourite dive site, Joe’s Best.


While he may seem reserved, Captain Livai is the number one joker of the crew. Always smiling you never quite know what he is planning, and beware around April 1st, quite possibly his favourite day of the year. Livai recently completed his PADI Rescue diver course and is always excited to get into the water, even just to clean the bottom of the boat.

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