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Bula and Welcome to Fiji!


BEQA ISLAND Home of the Legendary Firewalkers. You won’t believe your eyes during the sacred fire walking ceremony as village warriors in traditional dress chant and walk across scalding stones, as they have done for over 300 years. This mysterious ritual originated on Beqa Island and was even the subject of a National Geographic documentary filmed at the resort.You also have the opportunity to participate in the famous kava ceremony. In Fiji, the drink yaqona (kava) plays an important role in public business and social life. Made from the dried roots of the kava plant, it is cut into small pieces and then grated to a pulp and steeped in water.

You won't want to miss the evening Meke filled with traditional Fijian dancing and singing.

BIRD WATCHING - Beqa Island has one fo the biggest varieties of bird species in Fiji.

CAST AWAY - Cast Away to the beach of your dreams on tiny Storm Island, accompanied by a picnic and snorkeling gear. Nominal fee charged.

VITI LEVU, Main Island:

  • AT SUVA, The Capital - We can arrange a day trip to the nearby capital of Fiji, Suva, located on the main island. It's a great cultural and shopping experience.
  • RIVER RAFTING - Explore class II-III whitewater on the mainland aboard inflatable kayaks and whitewater rafts, experiencing some of Fiji's most spectacular terrain by floating in relative comfort along two of the country's premier liquid pathways: the Wainikoroiluva (‘Luva) River and the Upper Navua Gorge.
  • GOLFING - We can arrange golfing for you at a Championship Fiji Golf Course set amongst tropical rainforests and winding canals, with 66 bunkers and multiple water hazards on 12 of the 18 holes. Designed by Robert Trent Jones Junior making this one of the most adventurous golf courses in Fiji. Can be reached by 45 minute boat ride to Viti Levu.
  • ZIP LINING - Swing from a treetop through dense tropical vegetation. Zip Fiji, the fast, fun and exhilarating sport allows you to fly through the jungle on zip lines.Located just a half hour drive from Pacific Harbour, in the heart of the tropical forest of the Wainadoi mountains, lies a private eco-reserve, a biological paradise where you can discover a stunning fusion of Fiji's tropical flora and fauna. Zip Fiji's Canopy Adventures offers thrill seekers and nature lovers alike the chance to experience a pulse stopping view of one of the most beautiful areas in Fiji.
  • PACIFIC HARBOR - The Traditional Arts Village set around a pond covered in beautiful water plants is worth an hour or two for browsing. Can be reached by 45 minuted boat ride and 3 minute taxi.
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