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The true beauty of Fiji and her nature can only be really appreciated by exploring further into her forests. Footpaths and trails across the land have been the connections between the villages of Beqa Island for hundred of years.

Village Walk

A beautiful walk along shaded pathways, through the forest and along the coastline will take you to one of Beqa Lagoon Resort neighboring villages. Our local guide will introduce you to a few customs that you must follow when in the village such as clothing that covers shoulders and knees, and completely removing sunglasses and hats when you enter the village, before introducing you to the community. Village life still follows cultural traditions that have existed for hundreds of years, and your guide will explain as you explore. The ladies of the villages are very artistic and skill, and you are more than welcome to purchase some of their hand made crafts to take home with you.
Come during the week and meet the children of the local school, or join us on Sunday morning for church service and listen as the music of beautiful Fijian singing is carried on the breeze.

Waterfall Hike

A slightly more adventurous hike, nestled deep in the forest just a short distance from Beqa Lagoon Resort is the most beautiful spring water waterfall. Cool yourself in the water pool at the bottom and rejuvenate your soul before returning down the trail, passing by hidden patches of sweet potatoes, pineapples, taro root and cassava, and enjoying the scent of tropical flowers growing along the path.
In part the trail can be harder so we highly recommend having a supportive pair of shoes to wear on your hike.

Top of Beqa Island At the heart of Beqa Island and our highest point is Ulnkoro mountain, reaching up to an elevation of 1,500 feet (460 metres). The climb can at times be steep and the pathway sparse, but the reward for those who succeed in making it to the top, is some of the most spectacular views you will ever see. Look down and see all coasts of Beqa Island. Look further and see the barrier reef that protects the lagoon and to the horizon beyond.

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