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From This Day Forward

Past, present and future…
This is only the beginning. You’ve vowed forever.
Honor it. Cherish it. Explore it…in Paradise.

Jump feet first into the real adventure—the rest of your lives—with
Honeymoons by Beqa Island Resorts.


A View with a Room

Beachfront property takes on new meaning in your private Bure for two.

You have already found paradise; your love for one another is your own Utopia. Celebrate your love at The Honeymoon Bure of Beqa Lagoon Resorts.

As with all Beachfront Bures, The Honeymoon Bure is beachfront , nestled in your own private, outdoor oasis—this one includes an outdoor shower and a few other rose-petal covered details.

Additional Amenities include:

  • Private Balcony
  • Private Plunge Pool
  • Daybed
  • Hammock
  • All with Unmatched Ocean and Beach Views

We didn’t invent paradise, we found it.

And then we customized it for you.


A Recipe for Romance

Ingredients: Gourmet Dining, Fine Wine and a View Just for You

If you crave a personal and private dining experience (with a view of the South Pacific Sunset)—Beqa Resort has the ingredients you need. We are delighted to deliver a culinary feast of local delights right to your private balcony.

Freshly prepared by Head Chef Lala, our internationally recognised gourmet menus feature only the best local and international ingredients; so does the basket of your most luxurious private picnic.

All glasses of wine, signature cocktails and locally crafted beer more are kept more than half-full; our staff eagerly serves you the best dining experience impossible.

Wish on any star you see in this starlit picnic—it is our delight to fulfill it.


When in Fiji…

Relax. Repeat. Relax.

Our island is nature’s spa, a restorative and rejuvenating experience all in itself. Building on the existing natural beauty and wonder that is our home, the Lali Spa of Beqa Lagoon promises the ultimate state of bliss.
Couples’ Massage Retreat Side-by-side, in the open sea air, together you forget about everything except the, the quiet lull of the sea, the sweet scented tropical air, and each other. For details, or to make a reservation.


Two if by Sea

(And by Sun, Sand and Land)

The un-touched beauty of our waters, land and sky are begging for your exploration, learn more about our state-of-the-art Kayaking, Snorkeling and Outdoor adventures.


Get Lost


You’re stranded on a deserted island with the love of your life and can only bring one thing… let it be the Beqa Lagoon Resort Experience.

In our Castaway for the Day Tour, you will sail to Nanuku Island, a small, uninhabited island surrounded by the pristine waters of the South Pacific.

Snorkel the surrounding reefs, painted with the colors of some of the most renowned undersea marine life .

Explore the lush tropical forests surrounding you in natural, untouched beauty.

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