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Local culture

Ni Sa Bula and welcome to your True Fijian Cultural Adventure

The most striking feature of Beqa Lagoon Resort is its tradition and seclusion. Only 36 square kilometres, Beqa Island has no roads, no towns and only a few isolated villages scattered around the coastline. Welcome to the peace and tranquility of the Fiji Islands.

Sitting protected in a small bay, Beqa Lagoon Resort is connected by shady pathways between the villages of Raviravi and Rukua. A proud extension of our neighbouring villages, Beqa Lagoon Resort employs over 75 local staff, who in turn support over 250 family members and friends. Many of the items the resort uses everyday are purchased from the local communities and we are proactive in offering resources and contributions to support the continued survival of the unique lifestyle and traditions of the villages and its people.

Join us for our weekly outings to the villages where you can purchase hand-made crafts. While visiting the villages you will observe daily life in Fiji, where they still follow many of the same hundred year old cultural traditions. Visiting these villages, our guests learn more about the history, culture and the way of life in Fiji and specifically on Beqa Island. Countless guests form lifelong friendships with the villagers and staff they meet. One of our most popular visits is to the local schools, to the meet the children and join in their excitement as they share with you their Fijian singing and dancing. Guests enjoy bringing the kids a small assortment of school supplies; books, pencils, notepads and crayons.

Hear the tale of how fire walking began on Beqa Island over 300 years ago and still continues today. Listen as the story unfolds of how the spirit god granted the chief a special ability. You’ll witness the phenomena as village warriors, in traditional dress, unearth the stones that have been encircled by fire. they begin the sacred ceremony with their haunting chants and then walk across these stones, with the ability to not get burned.

In the evenings, sit back and enjoy as the children of Raviravi delight you with their Meke, telling stories of old about warriors and village life, through beautiful songs and captivating dances. Afterward, make yourself comfortable on the floor handmade pandanus leaves floor mat as you clap along during a famous sevusevu ceremony as the coconut cup of kava is presented to you to drink and celebrate.

You arrive as a guest to our secluded Island Paradise… but once you visit our villages, clap along with our songsand share our kava…you leave forevera part of the Beqa family.

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