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Your journey will take you to another part of the world that is free from the hustle and bustle of modern life.
You will arrive on an island that is so stunningly beautiful it will take your breath away.

In the heart of the South Pacific, beneath starry Southern skies, lie the islands of Fiji. A collection of nearly 300 islands, Fiji is truly a South Pacific paradise. A direct flight from one of many international locations, including Los Angeles and Sydney, will have you arriving into Nadi International Airport from where you will take a 2.5 hour drive along the beautiful Fijian Coral Coast before arriving at Pacific Harbor, only to be greeted by our wonderful boat crew who will sail you over to the island paradise of Beqa Lagoon Resort, and a true Fiji ‘Bula!’.

Beqa, an island rich in culture and tradition is home to the famous Fijian Fire Walkers and remains one of the last untouched islands of the South Pacific. At just 15 square kilometres in size, and with no roads or towns, there is nothing to disturb your relaxation, only the sound of the rainforest and the ocean to be heard for miles.


There are many carriers that now offer flights from destinations all over the world direct to Nadi International Airport.

If you are travelling from Australia you can connect to Nadi through Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane using Fiji Airways, Qantas or Virgin Australia.

If you are travelling from the United States or Canada, you can choose to fly NON STOP from Los Angeles, San Francisco or Honolulu with Fiji Airways.

If you are travelling from within Europe, you can connect through Hong Kong or Seoul with Fiji Airways or Korean Airways respectively.


A scenic 2.5 hour journey along Fiji’s Coral Coast will take you from Nadi International Airport to Pacific Harbour where you will board one of our waiting vessels for a 45 minute boat ride across the waters of Beqa Lagoon. Always keep your eyes open on this crossing for turtles, dolphins, and at the right time of year whales.

All of our vacation packages include roundtrip ground transfers from Nadi International Airport, or from a Nadi hotel of your choice to Beqa Lagoon Resort. For any travellers who are making their own way to Pacific Harbour, please contact us at info@beqalagoonresort.com to coordinate with our boat transfer schedule. Boat transfers must be booked in advance.