+679-893-7703 (Fiji Islands) | +1-800-542-3454 (US)


Currency: Fiji Dollar. Current exchange rates can be found at http://www.xe.com/

Credit Cards: Major credit cards are accepted at Beqa Lagoon Resort and other major outlets around Fiji, but not in smaller shops and villages.

Telephone code: +679

Time: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) +12 hours.

Language: Fijian is the official language of Fiji, with English and Hindi also being widely spoken. Most Fijian Islanders have a very good fluency of English.

Some helpful phrases:

Bula! – Hello!

Vinaka – thank you

Bure (Bur-ray) - house

Kava – a ceremonial drink made from the powdered root of the pepper plant.

Religion: There is a wide religious diversity in Fiji, however the main religions are Methodist, Catholic and Hindu.

Electric current: 220V, Australian style plugs.

Tap Water: Safe to drink within the resort, but bottled water is always available if you wish.

Vaccinations: None are necessarily needed.

Entry requirements: If you are a non-Fijian national you will be required to hold a passport for entry into Fiji. Citizens of some countries also require a visa. Please use the following link to see if you require a visa before arrival.

Medications: Fiji has pharmacies and can refill prescriptions if needed, but medications might not be called the same from what you are used to. Best to bring your own.

Animals most seen at our resort: Fruit Bats, Kula parrots and Mongoose.