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Frigates Pass, also known as the Fiji Pipeline, is a perfect world-class left hand break and suggested for experienced surfers only. Located slightly offshore on the south west of Beqa Lagoon barrier reef, Frigates provides surfers with one of the most consistent surf breaks in Fiji. There is no over-crowding on these fast wall rides, or beautiful top to bottom tubes, which lie just a short boat ride from Beqa Lagoon Resort, because Frigate is fairly unknown. Surfers will need to supply their own surfboard and a repair kit is also suggested to bring along.


Cast the line and trawl along the reef edge, or drop a line out into the blue, no matter what time of year you are visiting Beqa Lagoon Resort, there is fishing for everyone to experience. Whether you want to go for just a half day, or spend the whole day on the water, sport fishing or blue water fishing, we have the boats and the equipment to help you catch the one that always got away. Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo, Skipjack and Yellow fin Tuna, they are all found in the waters of Beqa Lagoon.

If you are looking for a more relaxed fishing experience then our guided hand-line fishing trip around our local waters may just be the ideal perfect way to spend the day or evening.


Right in front of the resort are the calm waters of beqa lagoon and a spectacular healthy hard coral reef, thriving with colorful marine life. Suitable for all levels of snorkelers - you can leisurely explore the beautiful undersea world at your own pace or join one of our fantastic guided snorkel tours.

GUIDED SNORKELLING TOUR A short boat ride will take to one of our magnificent local reefs where your guide will explore the corals and sea life with you. Minimum 2 pax

KAYAKING Kayaking in the lagoon is a free activity and suitable for all ages. It is a fun and safe way to explore the waters and spend time in the sun.

GUIDED KAYAK TOUR Join our awesome guide as he takes you exploring the lagoon on a kayak tour. You`ll have time to stop at a remote beach to collect shells and swim. Minimum 2 pax

GUIDED KAYAK TOUR AND PICNIC LUNCH Tour the calm lagoon waters while viewing the sea life below. Let your guide show you the beautiful shore line of Beqa. Relax in the sun with your picnic lunch before your journey back to the resort. Minimum 2 pax


Hookah snorkeling is an incredibly unique, fun and safe way to explore the extraordinary underwater world without time-consuming classes, training or heavy equipment. It is a perfect cross between snorkeling and scuba diving. A simple-to-use regulator is connected to an air supply that floats comfortably at the water’s surface. The air tanks continually pump air to divers through long, buoyant hoses so you are able to experience the depths of the sea with freedom of movement like snorkeling, but with unlimited air. . The air line allows guests to dive at whatever depth is most comfortable up to 20feet. Come join us for a Cool new way to explore the colorful reefs of the warm, clear waters of Beqa Lagoon.



This is so much fun for beginners or experienced paddle boarders. Our calm warm waters and friendly staff make learning how to paddle board a breeze.